Supply Chain Visibility

EPCIS Decentralized Network Blockchain

Tracking a product from materials procurement to production, through packaging, distribution, warehousing, back-to-front of house, and ultimately to the consumer is a painstakingly detailed and meticulous task.

While many pieces of conventional enterprise software exist for this purpose, there are inherent flaws in the data structures underlying these systems (e.g., security vulnerabilities of centralized systems). To this end, we are building what is known as the EPCIS Decentralized Network or EDEN. Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) is a global protocol for standardizing the tracking of events related to movement of physical goods within supply chains, answering the "what, where, when, and why" questions to meet consumer and regulatory demands for accurate and detailed product information.

For example: how does an electronics manufacturer in Shenzhen, China communicate the appropriate data points of shipping container contents to the port of Oakland, California; and subsequently, how is the distribution of the container’s contents tracked to multiple warehouses until eventual delivery to retailers and consumers?

EPCIS is the global standard for tracking and logging these processes, currently utilized within many conventional supply chain software suites. The same system can be used to track cultivation, processing, and distribution of a cannabis product - from "seed to sale."

Rather than reinvent the wheel by entering the market as a competing front-end software provider, we aim to strengthen the provenance, security, and immutability within the existing EPCIS infrastructure. This is where the blockchain comes in. Centralized data structures can be prone to data loss, breaches (hacks), and fraud committed by both internal and external agents. By placing the EPCIS data of conventional supply chain systems on the blockchain, we serve to mitigate these vulnerabilities. The EDEN Blockchain is fundamentally front-end software agnostic, designed to integrate with existing enterprise and legacy tracking systems.

While our EDEN Blockchain contains the object-oriented data points required for tracking within the EPCIS framework, the blockchain we produce is robust enough to contain additional data points required by any industry vertical. In the case of cannabis, this includes testing data for potency and contaminants. Further, through partnerships with TheraCann and Applied DNA Sciences, our blockchain logs entries from plant biomarkers at the molecular level, ensuring the provenance of a cannabis product from seed-to-sale. More information on EDEN can be found at the EDEN homepage.

Blockchain as a Service

In deploying our own suite of software solutions, the Tokes Platform established a world-class technology team and robust infrastructure for development, operations and automation, and deployment with high availability performance. We know the significant level of effort required to execute on software projects from idea, through cross-platform development and testing, to deployment of scalable products that conform to modern best-practices.

With this in mind, we encourage small or large development teams interested in utilizing our infrastructure to apply to join our development platform and ecosystem. For more information or a list of our software applications deployed please contact us at

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