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Apply to Join the Tokes
Platform / Ecosystem

We are always looking for new, innovative projects to integrate with the Tokes Platform and token (TKS).

If you are a developer or team looking to integrate Tokes payment solutions into your application, or a complementary project interested in backend support, we encourage you to join our ecosystem. You will have access to our best-practice development, software testing and deployment infrastructure, and we can incentivize your development efforts with Tokes (TKS) distributions to accelerate growth and onboard users.

By integrating with us, not only is our software DevOps infrastructure and support at your disposal, but our marketing, back office, compliance, and legal resources are as well.

Teams who wish to utilize the Tokes Platform for their software staging and/or to integrate Tokes (TKS) into their software are encouraged to apply below.

Please be as detailed as possible in your
responses and allow several weeks
for our review.