Blockchain Solutions for the Cannabis Industry and Beyond

Tokes provides a myriad of blockchain based services and infrastructure

Founded to solve the cannabis industry’s banking problem via cryptocurrency payments, the Tokes Platform also builds blockchain based solutions for supply chain management and integration to conventional enterprise software for any industry.

A cryptocurrency for fast, inexpensive transactions

Tokes (TKS) are the native cryptocurrency of within our software. Riding on one of the fastest blockchains, the Waves network, Tokes serve as the transactional token for our products, and any tokenized applications we integrate or build into our ecosystem.

Merchant Gateway for Point of Sale and eCommerce

The first suite of applications to launch within our ecosystem include our mobile wallet and accompanying point-of-sale software / eCommerce solution we call the Merchant Gateway. Having a cryptocurrency is not enough to drive adoption, as such, Tokes specializes in developing consumer ready products that ease the onboarding process for both customers and merchants alike.
(Learn how to use Tokes below)

Blockchain and Platform as a Service (BaaS & PaaS)

In addition to providing payment solutions, we are developing an open-source blockchain for integration with conventional supply-chain management software. The provenance of data within supply chains is important for both companies, consumers and regulators. Providing a decentralized infrastructure on a blockchain ensures that goods are tracked from source, to production, to distribution, to consumer with no loss or fraudulent manipulation of data along the way. Within our current infrastructure we can integrate other teams’ applications into our platform, integrate our token within their apps, or tie their ERP software to our EPCIS blockchain.


Blockchain Solutions for all industries…

Vertical integration

Blockchain data provenance

Robust Analytics

How to use Tokes


Download Wallet

Download our mobile wallet in the iOS or Google Play stores.


Purchase Tokes

Load Tokes to your wallet by acquiring TKS on an exchange or supporting cryptocurrency kiosk. Several current options are shown here.


Merchant Gateway for Retailers

For merchants looking to accept Tokes, the Merchant Gateway provides an easy way to create your product inventory, conduct point-of-sale transactions, monitor sales analytics, and audit sales team performance. Interested merchants can contact us via the button below to get on our private beta waiting list.

Our Team

Michael Wagner
CEO & Founder
Gabriel Allred, Ph.D.
Thomas Diab
Business Development
Eugene Lopin
Rafael Aguirre Jimenez
Michael Lu
Danny Floyd
Development Lead
Jacob Floyd
Development Lead
Michal Mikolajczyk
Project Management & Business Development

The global market for cannabis, cryptocurrency, and supply chain management






billion dollar supply chain software market


billion dollar regulated cannabis market


billion dollar point-of-sale software market

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Why Tokes (TKS)? Why not just use Bitcoin?

While we are advocates for Bitcoin adoption, it is important to remember that Bitcoin is a protocol, not a company. Tokes however is a business, but also part of this larger social movement around cryptocurrency. By targeting an industry with a banking problem (cannabis) we are taking cryptocurrency technology and producing easy to use solutions that solve specific payment needs for an industry. While development of user friendly software is key to adoption, we are marketing and deploying the software directly with merchants and consumers. Bitcoin has no such set of advocates pounding the pavement to garner adoption. We provide the tech, educate the industry on how to use it, and provide support when necessary. Lastly, Tokes transactions are far faster and cheaper than Bitcoin at the present time, making us an ideal solution for point-of-sale payments.

Can my team develop within the TKS ecosystem?

Yes, we are always looking for other projects to integrate Tokes with. Whether your team is an app developer, traditional brick-and-mortar business, or online retailer, we are open to integrating any of our products with your existing development stack or business flow. To this end, we incentivize teams to develop products utilizing our token. Those interested in developing an application or integrating with Tokes are encourage to contact us or apply to join the ecosystem.

Can TKS be used outside of the cannabis industry?

Yes, while we are targeting the cannabis space for initial deployment of our software, the solutions we develop are fundamentally industry agnostic. Merchant ready cryptocurrency payments solutions are not yet widely adopted, we intended to spread that adoption with our merchant gateway application. Our supply-chain solutions are modular, and designed to integrate with any industry’s conventional enterprise software.

How does blockchain benefit supply chain management?

Centralization of any data structure can be point-of-failure and potential data loss. By decentralizing the ledger of data behind a supply chain, blockchain allows greater security, transparency, and traceability of goods. Every time a product changes hands, it can be logged on this decentralized ledger, creating a permanent history of the product, one that is immutable. This has obvious benefits for responsible consumers concerned about the provenance of their products, but also for the businesses themselves. More detail on this can be found in our whitepaper.

What if cannabis becomes legal and banking is no longer a problem?

Fundamentally our software is industry agnostic, there are still many large pieces of the puzzle missing for consumers to widely adopt cryptocurrency. Our merchant gateway software fulfills basic requirements for cryptocurrency adoption at the point-of-sale and can be deployed in any industry.

What are the pros & cons of using cryptocurrency rather than cash or debit?

First and foremost, the storage and transportation of physical cash is a huge security risk for those in the cannabis industry. It turns these businesses into targets for theft and violence, which has been well documented on numerous occasions. Additionally, from a legislative perspective, cash has low traceability and makes it relatively easy to skirt taxation.

In contrast, cryptocurrencies are stored securely via complex cryptographic functions on a local digital currency “wallet.” To the extent that a user follows standard security measures: uses strong unique passwords, backs up wallet files, keeps wallets offline unless sending transactions, and ensures they don't have viruses or malware on their computer, a cryptocurrency wallet is virtually impossible to break into. One particularly beneficial feature of cryptocurrency is a sort-of built in escrow without the need for a third party. Through what is called a multi-signature wallet, it's possible to require more than one party to sign off on any individual transaction. This is great for businesses with more than one owner who want to prevent any individual partner from absconding with the totality of the funds in a digital currency wallet, as they can't move them without all parties signing off. Finally, cryptocurrencies are not subject to asset seizure like bank accounts and custodial accounts, as there is no centralized service holding those assets.