Monthly Tokes AMA announcement!

12.07.2017 | General News

The Tokes team will be starting a monthly live video AMA series in January of 2018.  We feel it prudent to give our users an avenue to ask us more detailed questions regarding development progress and future plans for the platform.  These AMAs will facilitate more nuanced discussion of the many moving parts of Tokes.  […] READ MORE >>

TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, November 2017

11.21.2017 | Newsletter

TheRev, November 2017 Hello Tokes Enthusiasts! In this November edition of our newsletter, we discuss a myriad of recent and ongoing developments of the Tokes Platform.  Several of these regard legal and licensing developments within the company, along with a few discreet announcements on upcoming partnerships and team additions.   Legal As you may recall, […] READ MORE >>

TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, October 2017

10.26.2017 | Newsletter

TheRev, October 2017 Greetings Tokes Enthusiasts! The past month has been a busy one for everyone here on the team.  We are in the process of launching our new site, which should be up by Monday if all continues to go smoothly, with a new whitepaper to follow.  In the midst of this, we have […] READ MORE >>

Tokes Platform Transparency Report, October 2017

10.07.2017 | General News

Q3 2017 Quarterly Summary of Distribution Events   Founders’ Balance: 3P4TDSpFFby1BM6vCN45ZS8HyDEJJK7HTQo Balance (as of 10/06/2017): 2,312,085 Increase in circulation from Founder’s Share: 43,649 TKS Cause: Distributions paid to project contributors, supporters, bounty members, etc. including a one-time substantial distribution of 25,000 TKS for deal structuring with Herbology Tours Last transfer from Founder’s Share: 8/31/2017 Last […] READ MORE >>

TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, September 2017

09.21.2017 | Newsletter

TheRev, September 2017 Greetings Tokes Enthusiasts! The past month has had an array of new developments, many of which will be discussed below in this installment of the newsletter, while others will be kept under wraps until final operating agreements are signed.  The largest focus of this month’s newsletter however will be our upcoming rebrand, […] READ MORE >>

TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, August 2017

08.21.2017 | Newsletter

TheRev, August 2017 Hello Tokes Enthusiasts! We kicked this month off with one of our most promising developments to date – real world adoption – which is one of the biggest challenges projects in the blockchain space universally face. I’ll discuss this achievement in detail in the Pilot Program section below. While that is quite exciting, […] READ MORE >>

TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, July 2017

07.20.2017 | Newsletter

TheRev, July 2017 Hello Tokes Platform Enthusiasts! Welcome back to another exciting edition of the TheRev newsletter! We have some tremendous follow-up on a few announcements from our previous newsletter. This month is going to kick off with a spotlight on the Herbology Tours partnership. We’ll also be discussing our new Merchant Gateway, the Tokes Dispensary […] READ MORE >>